"There is something great destined for each one of us. A unique purpose and plan etched into the fabric of time, long before you were even born. An epic battle exists between the forces of light and darkness. A war to capture our soul and command its attention to one cause or another. There is no middle ground... Where do you pledge your allegiance?" 


Jonathan P. Jehle is the author of, The Allegiance, an action and adventure series with elements of mystery, science fiction, and the supernatural. Jonathan's love of storytelling began at a young age when he would act out impromptu plots with Lego figures to entertain his sister. These would eventually become the inspiration for building an ensemble of characters who are destined to change the world. 

Jonathan has engaged his creative talents in landscaping, where he helped to craft and design a golf course; the IT industry, where he built computers and provided support, and through his passion for writing, where he is developing a series full of exciting stories. Although employed full time as a System Admin & Support Analyst for 7-Eleven, his spare time is engaged in writing, working out, and spending time with his family. Jonathan currently lives on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, with his wife and four children.


There are two books currently available in both Kindle and paperback versions. Click on the images below to view them on Amazon.com and read a few pages to preview.



Legends tell of a brave boy in the Brazilian rainforest who fought to protect his village from a hostile tribe. But something else, something mysterious, lurks deep within the Amazon jungle that may prove to be a greater threat. Coming later this year... The Warrior: Legend of MaculelĂȘ.