Something unexplainable is happening.

Join Dr. William Xander as he experiences a life-altering event that forces him to question his once unwavering scientific view of the world.

Journey to the Amazon rainforest in search of a mysterious valley, chase after clues through the streets of San Francisco, and go on a top-secret mission to uncover the truth.

If this becomes the new reality, it will change everything.

Justin Jackson has a passion for Parkour. He lives for the thrill of the moment as he races, flips, and twists through the busy streets of San Francisco with his friends.

All is going well until someone digs into what he believes to be true. Pain, fear, doubt, insecurity... those things are meant to stay buried.

He won't let them get in the way of his future, but is he able to outrun the past?

Tales speak of a young boy who bravely fought to defend his village from hostile warriors. Nobody knows what happened to him...until now.

Journey through the Amazon jungle as MaculelĂȘ seeks to uncover dark secrets while fulfilling his destiny.

Are the mysterious tales from deep within the rainforest just folklore or is there some truth behind the legends?

How much is a child loved? More than a horse? Of course!

Enjoy reading a collection of silly, yet heartfelt messages to children about how much they are loved.

Young kids will smile, laugh, and enjoy the pictures and the rhymes while the parents read with love and appreciation for one of God's greatest gifts.