Writing was not fun. In fact, I hated it. 

At the private school I attended, scripting out pages of information was a significant part of the education. Sometimes there were multiple choice answers, but it required an essay on why one answer was chosen and the rest were not. My final year involved a lengthy thesis that I needed to defend before my teachers.

Creative answers don't always translate to good grades.

I struggled in school. Maybe it was my personality, or the fact that my mind would often wander, but I did learn to put in the effort and do my best. I'm thankful that I made it through and learned a lot of life lessons. My parents were instrumental in that process. 

My sister became the outlet for my wandering mind.

After school, she would sit down to watch me come up with stories while I played with Legos. Many of these Lego sessions became part of a series involving heroes and villains. Medieval knights, stuffed animals that became mythical creatures, custom painted Lego figurines, and any other objects I could find became integral parts of these Lego adventures. Saved on my computer next to my school essays were lists of episodes outlining these adventures, in Roman numeral format.

My passion to not write became a dream to publish books.

These episodes and Lego sessions would eventually become the inspiration for me to start writing. These stories are now being re-imagined and adapted into a series.

The Allegiance is the first collection of books being published that involves action and adventure with elements of mystery, science-fiction, heroes, and the supernatural.